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Our Capabilities

NBF offers protein production services across a range of modalities from research to GMP scale (up to 200L) capable of isolating milligrams to grams of protein.

Our experts bring deep expertise and will work to carefully understand your specific requirements regarding your complex molecule(s) of interest to design a custom project offering. We have a proven track record in the production of nucleic acids and recombinant proteins, for a broad range of applications that include high-throughput drug screening through to the scale-up of complex biologics to clinical end points, and can offer insights and scientific expertise to help ensure the project remains successfully on track and on time.  

Each node offers unique infrastructure and expert staff able to draw upon decades of manufacturing expertise and access to a range of platforms, including:

  • NIBRT’s bioprocessing short courses in a simulated cGMP environment

  • Production and characterisation of recombinant proteins in a variety of biological hosts for small molecule drug screening, crystallography, diagnostics, cell culture and  vaccines.

  • Advanced protein engineering and in vitro display technologies for antibody discovery

  • Cell line development and high throughput mammalian clonal selection 

  • Proven record of development programs through to Phase I cGMP

  • Advanced protein bioanalytics – stability studies and characterisation of variants 

  • Access to high-end mass spectrometry including via Bioplatforms Australia

  • Expertise with antibody-drug conjugates and chemical bioconjugation techniques 

  • Mammalian focus with expertise in viral, microbial and insect systems to 200L scale 

  • New cGMP facility to 200L scale with formulation and fill capabilities, complete QC testing and release (anticipated TGA inspection early 2022).

  • mRNA and DNA production capability

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