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Meet the Team

The core team at NBF is comprised of individuals spanning decades of successful translation of biologics research and development through to clinical and commercial outcomes.

The Brisbane Team

Dr. Martina Jones

Operations Manager
Martina has a PhD from The University of Queensland in engineered antibodies and is also the Deputy Director of the Centre for Biopharmaceutical engineering. Martina works to assist researchers around Australia in using the NBF's capabilities for antibody discover,  protein manufacturing, and process development. 
Kym Hoger 2_edited.png

Kym Hoger  

Quality Management
Kym works closely with the team in quality and project management. She brings over 20 years of experience in Phase I enabling process development.

Ben Hughes

Facility Director
Ben manages the NBF facility along side his role of Director of Strategic Development at Therapeutic Innovation Australia. 
Justin Goh_edited.png

Dr. Justin Goh 

Upstream Processes
Justin is a member of the upstream processing team and is skilled in several areas including molecular biology and protein expression.
Courtney McAleese_edited_edited.png

Dr. Courtney McAleese

Upstream Processes
Courtney works as a part of the Upstream Processes team and has a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. 
Greeshma Ratheesh 2_edited.png

Dr. Greeshma Ratheesh

Upstream Processes
Greeshma has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and works at NBF as a Bioprocess Engineer in Upstream Processes.

Alex Pinder

Analytics Lead
Alex leads the Analytics group within NBF. He has extensive experience in-process and release testing assays and method validation to enable cGMP recombinant protein production.

Karen Hughes

Technology Transfer Manager
Karen leads the downstream processes and technology transfer efforts at NBF. She brings over 20 years international experience in the research, development and cGMP manufacture of mammalian biologics.
Myllena Melo (2)_edited.png

Dr. Myllena Melo

Antibody Discovery
Myllena has a PhD in molecular biology and works with NBF in antibody discovery.

Mallory Daleris

Mallory has a wide range of biotechnology experience across recombinant protein expression and purification.   She is currently focused on development and execution of protein analytics.

Eve Radunz

Quality Assurance
Eve has a diverse background in Bioscience and brings a wealth of knowledge to our downstream, analytics, and quality management team. 

Nigel Zin 

Research Technician/Systems controller
Nigel is a diligent research technician, keeping our equipment running and maintained to minimise down time in the lab. He also helps with internal auditing.
Olivia Photo_no bkgd.png

Olivia Van Wieren

Bioprocess Operations

Dr. Mai Niamsuphap 

Downstream Processes 

Craig Armitage

Downstream Processes
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