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Our Capabilities

Transient and Stable Expression

We have extensive experience producing a wide range of proteins in different expressions systems and will work to understand whether transient or stable expression will be optimal for your protein needs.

Variety of Host Cell Systems

We offer multiple modalities for industrial biotechnology and biologics production ranging from microbial, yeast, insect, or mammalian cells. Applications include pharmaceutical development, diagnostics, enzymes, and biotransformation/biocatalysis. 

High Throughput Clone Selection

The NBF utilises automated systems such as the Beacon by Berkeley Lights to accelerate the identification and outgrowth of single cell derived mammalian clones. The platform considers manufacturability endpoints through coupling with high throughput assays to screen for high producers and associated characterisation analysis to ensure lead clones meet required process and product quality attributes.

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Mammalian Cell Line Development


We have extensive experience (>10 years) of assisting clients in translating their science and novel therapeutic targets to support clinical end points, by ensuring we always focus on quality in developing the cell line. 

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