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About Us

The National Biologics Facility (NBF) is a Contract Research Organisation that for over 15 years has offered Australian researchers custom manufacturing solutions under phase-appropriate quality systems for the development and translation of their next-gen complex biological therapeutics.  

Combining our extensive staff expertise with state-of-the-art laboratories and a soon to be completed cGMP facility, the NBF provides the necessary infrastructure to bridge the gap between basic research discoveries and establishing the bioprocesses to progress their complex products through to pre-clinical and clinical trials. 

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NBF Partners

Supported by Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA), NBF is a network of facilities, platform technologies and subject matter experts focused on the development of your biotherapeutic from discovery through to the scale-up and manufacturing of clinically relevant material. All contracted work is completed under a research services agreement with strict confidentiality maintained. The NBF will also work with clients around specific IP requirements and questions. 

TIA is the key body that administers NCRIS funding (Australian government initiative) in the priority area of therapeutic development, and aims to enable external users to have access to capabilities located at publicly-funded entities such as universities, medical research institutes and the CSIRO. In general, TIA-funded facilities will charge based on a three-tier scheme that is widely adopted by NCRIS capabilities.

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