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  • Liam Mannix

New Melbourne CSIRO lab boosts nation's vaccine capability

The CSIRO hopes a new facility in Melbourne that can make vaccines quickly for clinical trials will create a vital link in Australia’s pandemic preparedness.

The $23.1 million National Vaccine and Therapeutics Lab, officially opened on Thursday, can turn vaccines developed by university labs into high-quality products that can be given to humans in clinical trials. Previously that work had to often be done offshore.

“This means when we have another epidemic or pandemic, we would be able to rapidly take multiple candidates through from the lab bench to a phase 1 trial,” CSIRO’s research director for biomedical manufacturing, Professor Susie Nilsson said.

Biomedical scientists Mylinh La and David Bloomen at work in the CSIRO’s new vaccine manufacturing lab. Credit: Jason South

Australia has lacked a dedicated facility to take independent vaccine development teams from university bench to clinical trial, Nilsson said, forcing teams to go overseas.

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